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NCAA approved courses

The NCAA “Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse” is the organization that determines a student’s status or initial eligibility for NCAA athletic scholarships. High school students who wish to be considered for NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) full or partial athletic scholarships now must meet very specific courses, GPA, and ACT/SAT test score requirements. If these requirements are not satisfied, the student will not be eligible to compete for NCAA Division I or II scholarships.

It is the student/parent’s responsibility to make sure their student athlete is eligible for college athletics through the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Click here all NCAA eligibility requirements. 


College Prep English 1 / College Prep English 1 H                                                      
College Prep English 2  / College Prep English 2 H                                                        
College Prep English 3  / College Prep English 3 H   
College Prep English 4                                                                                        
College Prep English 4 Comp. H                                                                                   
College Prep English 4 Adv. Comp. H           
Creative Writing                                                                                                           
Popular Literature                                                                                                       
Public Speaking H
Discussion & Debate H

Algebra 1
Algebra 2 / Algebra 2H 
Geometry / Geometry H
Pre-Calculus H
Calculus AB H 
Calculus BC H

Natural/Physical Science
XC Life Science
XC Physical Science
Anatomy & Physiology H
Biology 1 / Biology 1 H
Biology 2  / Biology 2 H
Chemistry 1 /  Chemistry 1 H
Chemistry 2 H
Environmental Science
Field Ecology
Introduction to Physical Science
Physics 1 / Physics 1 H
Physics 2 H
Meteorology & Astronomy

Social Science
XC American Government
XC American History
XC Geography
American Government / American Government H 
Geography A & B 
Western Civ. & Modern European History
International Politics
African American History H
Economics H
US History A & B H
Additional Courses 
French 1, 2, 3 H, 4 H 
German 1, 2, 3 H, 4 H 
Spanish 1, 2, 3 H, 4 H