Student Athletes

The athletic department at Alton High in conjunction with the counseling department encourages you to do your best in your high school coursework.  It is as important as practicing the skills of your sport in order to continue to play after high school.

Alton High School has guided many student athletes through the process of determining eligibility for NCAA, Division I, II, III, NJCAA, and NAIA schools.  It is ultimately; however, the student's (along with the parent/guardian) responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules of eligibility for any college or university the student athlete is interested in. Recruiting practices and rules differ for each sport and the student athlete needs to familiarize themselves with these as well.  Please visit the websites below to learn more.  All information given in the frequently asked questions page is taken directly from these websites.

College athletes are governed by one of three organizations:
  • NCAA -
  • NJCAA -
  • NAIA -

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