Financial Aid

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Understanding the Financial Aid Process

Every state receives federal funds to educate families on financing higher education.  In the Land of Lincoln, those funds are managed by the 
Illinois Student Assistance Commission.  This site will walk you through college financial planning step by step.  You will discover: 
  • The different types of financial aid
  • Who should apply

    Financial Aid

  • The difference between need- and merit-based financial aid
  • What a family is expected to contribute
  • The impact of assets and income
  • How to fill out the application
  • How to understand the award letter
  • ... and more.

Additional Information may also be found at the following:

We will have FAFSA representatives here during parent/teacher conference night to discuss setting up the financial aid process.  We highly encourage for parents of juniors to start the college financial process during this time.

When Should We Begin?

Start learning what financial aid entails now, so you can have your finances well-positioned by senior year when you need to submit your financial aid forms.  Your family's tax forms from junior and/or sophomore years may come into play in determining your financial eligibility.  Learn more by scanning the FAFSA guide and speaking with your counselor early on so you can be as prepared as possible.

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