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Honors Classes

Alton High School offers Honors courses in ten subject areas. These courses incorporate acceleration of the learning material and a deeper penetration into the content and scope of the subject area. Emphasis is on the sequential development of the content area as well as critical and creative thinking skills.  Eligibility for enrollment in Honors courses is based on teacher recommendation, grades, and test scores. Student grades will be weighted in Honors courses to reflect differential in instruction and student workload. 


Art History H AP
Graphic Production H


Accounting 1 & 2 HC
Macro & Micro Economics H 

Career & Technical Education

Digital Electronics HC
Broadcasting DC
CPU Networking 1 & 2 DC
Architectural Technology DC HC
CAD Technology DC HC
Graphic Communications 1 & 2 DC
Adv. Multimedia



College Prep English 1 H
College Prep English 2 H
College Prep English 3 H
College Prep English 4 Comp. H AP DC
College Prep English 4 Adv. Comp. H AP DC
Journalism 2 H
Popular Literature HC

Foreign Language

French 3 H
French 4 H AP
German 3 H
German 4 H DC
German 4 H AP DC
Spanish 3 H DC
Spanish 4 H AP DC

Band 3 H
Chamber Choir H
Orchestra 2 H
Anatomoy & Physiology A & B H
Biology 1 H
Chemistry 1 H
Chemistry 2 H AP DC(SLU)
Physics 1 H
Physics 2 H AP
Zoology H DC

Social Studies
Geography A/B HC
African-American History H
International Politics H
U.S. History H HC
American Government H HC
Modern European History HC
Western Civilization HC

Discussion & Debate H
Public Speaking H