Welcome students and parents to my Jr. High Social Studies website!  Along with playing golf (not very well I may add) and riding those smooth Missouri Fox Trotters I also enjoy teaching 7th Grade Civics, 8th Grade U.S. History, and Jr. High Health.  I look forward to a fun and challenging year.

History comes from the Greek word histori, meaning to make an inquiry.   

History is the branch of knowledge that records and analyzes past events. 

History is also the sum total of recorded events in mankind’s past.   

It’s not history until it is recorded in some fashion.

Why should people study history?
 “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana
If you cannot learn from the mistakes people made in the past, then you will live through those mistakes as they are repeated.   
 A society, a nation, a people must learn from it’s mistakes to survive. 
 A culture must understand it’s past to understand it’s future.