Commercial Use

There are four basic parts to the AltFuel Green Conversion kit : The AF2 Regulation System, Fuel Supply Line, and Intake Adapter, Intake Restrictors.

You will then need to decide if this engine is used for Residential or Commercial uses.

Commercial Use: Engines 20-45Hp with a Canister air filter assembly are automatically categorized as a Commercial unit. Theses Commercial units will use Intake Adapter, Intake Restrictor, and Commercial Fuel supply lines, and Commercial Cylinder Attachment lines. 


    The last step is to refer to the Engine to Intake Adapter list. Please have the Manufacture name of the engine and Model Number off of the engine to determine which Intake Adapter/Intake Restrictor fits your engine. The Intake Adapter is used on engines 1-45hp and installs between the carburetor and the head of the engine on engines 3-45hp. Engines 1-2hp the intake adapter installs in front of the carburetor. The Intake Restrictor is installed on 20-45Hp engines with Canister filtration air filters The Intake Restrictor installs between the Canister openings of the Air Filter.