Commercial Landscaper Good Green Neighbors
 If you are in the lawn care business and are looking for a clean, green way to run your equipment .
This is the product for you.... these propane conversion kits are affordable, easy to install
And will improve your bottom line.... converting our equipment was a no brainier for us And out neighbors truly appreciate the quieter cleaner machines running in their neighborhood...We would highly suggest this conversion to any business, or homeowner looking for a Eco-friendly Way to take care of there lawns...

General Consumer
Dear AltFuel,
I just want to thank you for every thing you did for me from the snow blower to the lawn mower and converting my water pump and my ice auger to propane. I want to get away from gasoline for reasons it's dirty, toxic to the environment and smelly when it is used in engines and has a limited time it can be stored (gummed up carburetors). Propane has odorless exhaust. Thanks again two BIG THUMBS UP for your work.
Sincerely Dan Neuman.

Commercial Equipment Dealer
Gene McPherson (a Commercial User) of McPherson Propane in Sturgis, SD, recently purchased a Model 4 conversion kit for a 2KW generator powered by a Briggs engine.
After a special block was made for this engine, the kit installation was straight-forward and quick.
“The engine started right off, and has run satisfactorily. The fuel control allows for optimum performance. Gene
chose to use a separate 20 lb cylinder with a different hose, allowing hours of uninterrupted operation. Based on the performance of that first kit, he will order two more for other engine applications.” - Gene McPherson

Industry Expert
“Some people say that propane powered equipment doesn’t have enough power. Those are the folks who probably haven’t even tried a propane powered mower or string trimmer. I’ve used a propane powered mower and trimmer over the past few years and can attest to the fact that propane powered equipment has just as much if not more power than their gasoline powered counter parts.
“When I heard about AltFuel propane engine conversion kits the first thing that came to mind was my 21 year old Troy Built Horse Model Tiller. I hadn’t started it in about seven years and the carburetor was badly in need of rebuilding. (can you say ethanol?)
“Now we all know that a propane engine easily powers a mower through the grass but I wanted to see if it would do as well on a machine that digs.
“In about a half hour (the time it took to install the kit) I had the answer to my question. YES! The tiller worked just like it did on gasoline, without having to rebuild the carburetor. For the cost of a repair I had my tiller running just like it did before only a lot less polluting. With the issues we’re running into because of the effects that ethanol has on small engines, we can all breathe a lot easier, knowing that propane is actually better for small engines than gasoline and better for the environment as well.” - Charles House

Commercial User
Dear AltFuel staff,
I would like to comment on your AltFuel conversion kits. We have now installed for over a year the AltFuel conversion kits on many different models of 4-stroke engine from 1hp. to 40hp. I am extremely please with the ease of installation.
I am also pleased with the fuel savings over using regular gasoline, which causes a lot of carburetor gum-up problems. I have also trained many staff members as well as customers to install there own kits. After you install the conversion kits the start up and run ability is excellent.
We at Reed's Equipment LLC look to install many hundreds more in the coming year to help clean up the environment and burn excitingly clean domestic produced fuel. Thanks and have a nice day.

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