AltFuel is dedicated to providing safe, cost efficient, easy to install, and effective propane conversion kits for small gasoline engines. By manufacturing units in the United States, it will create new jobs and utilize domestically refined propane to decrease the country’s dependence on foreign oil and lower the amount of fossil fuel pollution to protect the environment.

AltFuel LLC was founded in 2009 to manufacture gasoline to propane conversion kits which would use cleaner alternative fuel to power small 4 stroke carbureted gasoline engines. We engineered a simple and safe system to easily convert existing equipment to propane while maintaining usability and performance.

We strive to save our customer money in fuel costs by using less expensive propane and making equipment more efficient with the addition of our conversion systems.

The Green Conversion Kit will convert most gasoline engines 1-45 HP to operate on propane vapor
fuel. Propane is the most readily available and viable alternative to gasoline at this time. Small
engines running on our propane conversion systems have been proven to have 80% cleaner 
emissions and help the engine last longer than those operating on gasoline.
The AltFuel Conversion Kit is offered in two adaptive models. After determining the correct model for the engine being 
converted, the appropriate fuel supply line and intake adapter plate is chosen to complete the 
conversion with the addition of a propane tank of suitable size.