Benefits of converting to propane

  • A cleaner burning fuel with non-toxic exhaust.
  • Increased engine life and lower maintenance.
  • Improved engine performance.
  •  Significantly reduces air pollution. 
  •   Lower fuel costs per operating hour.
  •   Conversion kit is simple and easy to install.
Stop polluting with gasoline
  •   Propane reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 70%.
  •   5% of air pollution is from small gasoline engines.
  •   1 hour of small gasoline engine use=350 auto miles.
  •   1 small gasoline engine creates 87 lbs of CO2 per year.
  •   Over 700 million gallons of gasoline are accidentally spilled yearly.
  •   Approved as a clean alternative fuel by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board.
  •   Propane is the 3rd most commonly used fuel.
  •   Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline.
Go Green. Save Green.

  Propane, on average, can be 30%-40% less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuels.

  •  Controls fuel cost.
  •  Eliminates fuel theft.
  •  No fuel contamination.
  •  Longer engine life.
  •  Less engine maintenance.