About Doc B

Russell P.D. Burton, 

The pages that follow reveal a career dedicated to the teaching, research and clinical practice of mental health, and making this information accessible to individuals of all walks of life. That is, I've struggled to know and share how do we deal with the ever so complex problems of living as social beings and also achieve some level of personal success and happiness.  

I've had a long standing interest in mental health issue starting with my BA in Psychology, an MA and PhD. in Sociology - Psychiatric Sociology, Post Doctoral training in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, a Professor in Sociology with a specialty in mental health and illness, and currently practicing psychotherapy with an LMSW, a certification in Morita Therapy and a Licensed Addictions Counselor (T).

I have conducted, published and presented relevant empirical and theoretical research in several national and international journals on mental health issues. I have worked, written and received funding for various grants, including funding from National Institute of Mental Health and The National Institutes of Health. I also have extensive experience with our juvenile behavioral, justice, foster, adoption systems; large and blended family dynamics, substance use, grief and loss, death and dying, chronic life threatening disease, and chronic pain. My wife and I are Certified Foster Parents and have adopted -- legally or otherwise -- many of our foster kids. We actively "raise" between 10 and 15 kids at any one time.  

I have also founded Freedom On The Inside (FOTI) a nonprofit, non-denominational organization which teaches insight meditation (meditation as taught by the Buddha) to individuals in jail and prison. In addition, he is an Assistant Professor, Adjunct in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Kansas City Kansas Community College, in the underutilized inner city of Kansas City, Kansas.

Where do I want to be in 10 years?
Running an internationally renowned Morita Therapy and Buddhist Psychology based mental health, and drug and alcohol treatment center which provides the most effective cutting-edge treatments available to all individuals regardless of ability to pay or any other structural barriers. I hope to maintain a career balance composed of academic research, community service, and therapeutic practice, while developing a nationwide mental health, and substance use treatment center. 

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