ATIS philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is a process,

 which encompasses all the experiences students encounter in their school.”

        We believe that Islamic Schools provide the safe environment that is needed to nourish and educate each child and keep him/her away from ills of
        society. In addition, raising children with Qura'n and Sunnah as their guidance would result in successful upbringing of responsible, disciplined and
         faithful individuals.

        We believe that  we should continue raising our children to carry the flag of (La Ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rassullu Allah) with yet another fine
        Islamic School, the Al Taqwa Islamic School.
        We offer as part of our regular curriculum, the best Islamic Studies programs which include Qur'an, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah, Hadith, Islamic
        Civilization, Arabic language and moral principles delivered to the students by outstanding educators who themselves are observant of Islamic values
        in their own lives.

        Al Taqwa Islamic School believes that being a Muslim is synonymous with excellence in every aspect. To that end, academic excellence is expected and
        pursued as part of our religious duties. 
        We also believe that the success of an educational institution should be measured by the value it adds to each individual, and that continuing higher
        education should be academically accessible to all students, and not just a select few.

        Al Taqwa Islamic School encourages independence and strives for excellence. 
       Our programs are designed with professional care by providing top of the line materials and textbooks to advance the knowledge of our students
        beyond their grade level. 
       We promote high standards of learning, which they could only receive from a private school.