Conduct & Discipline

Rules & Regulations   


        ATIS believes in positive methods toward discipline and have established a reward system to reinforce good behavior.
A Muslim life is one of control-in or out of school, at home or in the Mosque…wherever the student may be. So, the students are expected to strive for an Islamic behavior at all times through self-control.
A high level of discipline is expected and maintained in the school. Failure to follow school procedures and rules may result in disciplinary acts.
Offenders are liable to be given a period of detention, within school hours or during the weekend.


The student’s respect for him/herself and the others is an important tenet of our school. That is, each student needs to respect the rights of others: courtesy is the rule. It is exhibited by politeness, proper manners, orderliness, quietness and sharing with others equipment and facilities.

a) Rough play of any kind is strictly forbidden.
b) Use of coarse and vulgar language or gestures are NOT permitted.

c) No radios, tape recorders, magazines, comics or anything detracts/distracts from educational atmosphere are permitted in the school premises. However, a
   teacher for class project may grant special permission. These materials are to be kept in the teacher's classroom for the day.

d) Students are not to chew gum at school or at school-sponsored public performances.
e) Any disrespect for authority either by attitude, words or actions will result in immediate disciplinary actions.

f) Inappropriate teasing, name-calling and criticism are not acceptable.

g)  Be quiet, orderly and walk while inside school building.
Be on time in designated areas.
i)  No one may leave the school during lunch break.
1.Warning/reminder of the rule.

2. Will be required to erase a bad deed with a Good deed.

Write Rule # of times and return signed.
(Detention, no field trips or gym class)

4.In-school counseling- sent to office.
5.Conference Administration/Teacher/Student/Parent1.

 6.In-school suspension-two weeks, with parents understanding that this is the last warning before expulsion.



a)   No throwing food                              d)   Use appropriate table manners.
b)   Remain seated while eating           e)   Clean up after eating
c)   Speak in soft voices