About the California ALS Research Network

Our Mission

The vision/mission of the Network is: (i) to find effective treatments and a cure for ALS; (ii) to facilitate development and implementation of the best possible ALS research program in California; and (iii) to put California in the forefront of ALS research world-wide.

Who we are

The California ALS Research Network is an ad hoc group of researchers, investigators, clinicians, biotech companies, government representatives, partner organizations, and advocates in ALS. 

  • Robert H. Baloh, MD, PhD, Director, Neuromuscular Medicine-ALS Program, Cedars-Sinai RMI
  • Lucie Bruijn, PhD, Chief Scientist, The ALS Association
  • Don W. Cleveland, PhD, Departmental Chair of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD
  • Steve Finkbeiner, MD, PhD, Associate Director and Senior Investigator, Gladstone Institutes
  • Fred Fisher, MSW, LCSW, President & CEO, The ALS Association Golden West Chapter
  • Aaron Gitler, PhD, Professor of Genetics, Stanford University 
  • Justin Ichida, PhD, Assistant Professor of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, USC
  • Michael McGrath, MD, PhD, UCSF
  • Tahseen Mozaffar, MD FAAN, FANA, Director, ALS and Neuromuscular Center, UC Irvine
  • Robert Miller, MD, Director, ALS Center, Forbes Norris, CPMC
  • John M. Ravits, MD, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience, UCSD
  • Jeffrey Rosenfeld, MD, PhD, Director, Neuromuscular ALS/MND Program, Loma Linda University
  • Richard Smith, MD, Director, CNS
  • Clive Svendsen, PhD, Chair, California ALS Research Network; Director, Cedars-Sinai RMI
  • Martina Wiedau-Pazos, MD, Co-Director, ALS Center, UCLA

In Memoriam

  • Jim Barber, ALS Advocate and person with ALS
Jenica Lancy,
Jun 11, 2010, 11:32 AM