1. Performing Arts Car Wash

Saturday in September 2015


@ Orem Alpine Credit Union.

Free Car Wash! Tips appreciated!

2. Region Dance Concert

Fall 2015

Participants: Utah Valley High Schools

3. TDT Dance Clinic:

When: January 2016 4-6pm; Peformance @ the THS Boys Basketball Game 7pm

Price: $30.00

Ages: 5-15

Sign up and register with TDT Dance Team Members or by emailing Emilee Newell Harmon at

Day 1: 1/20/15 4-6pm Jazz Technique, Improve, Choreography

Day 2: 1/21/15 4-6pm Technique and Choreography

Day 3: 1/22/15 4-6pm Technique and Choreography

Day 4; 1/23/16 6:55pm BBG 1/2 time Performance (bring mini dancers to the West Side bleachers to sit with TDT members)

4. Spring Dance Concert:

May 12th & 13th @ 7 PM in the THS Auditorium

5. Sponsorship Program:

We are currently working with RevelTV to find local businesses who would like to sponsor Timpanogos Dance Team and we would advertise your company here at Timpanogos.

Sponsorship types:

Platinum = $400

Gold = $250

Silver = $150

The basics:

How It Works:

· Decide which option works best for your business

· Fill out the RevelTV form and submit it with a check to Timpanogos High School (you can give it to your student contact, who then will turn it into their director)

· RevelTV will contact you and create your custom business commercial or ad

Why Choose RevelTV To Advertise Your Business?

· Easy access to the lucrative 15-18 year old demographic with our in-school network of three large flat screen HDTVs

· You can choose to have your ad/commercial created by RevelTV’s professional graphic artist

· Your ad/commercial will play on our TVs about 3 times per hour.

· Ads can be changed monthly to reflect your current specials with no extra charge

· Your business will receive a 100% tax write-off

The documents:

See below attached document for more information on the Revel TV Advertising Sponsorship

The only one necessessary to sign a company up is "RevelTV Form TDT.pdf"