Theme: Communication & Language

One thing you will all be assigned is a Piece Proposal project. The idea is that you get to share a vision of a dance you could create in its entirety! This dance needs to be founded in a Communication/Language concept. For example, I will be setting a piece on you using Morse code.

Communication/Language is an extremely broad topic. I don't want to see "cop-out" ideas, but some really well thought through ideas! Start thinking now!

Some ideas -use these or just use them to get you thinking, but find something that you are passionate about!:

Ways to Communicate: Speech, Sound, Writing, Gestures, Pictures, Body Language

Types of Communication: Morse Code, Languages, Hieroglyphics,

Social cues -how do you know what is allowed or what you are supposed to do?

Listen and Reply = 2 way process

Structure of the ear

Sound waves or the process of creating the sounds in your mouth/throat

Cultural norms and types of speech




What makes something funny?

What/How do babies think if they don't know words yet?

What makes communication effective?

Masculine/Feminine words

What do all motivational speeches have in common?

Piece Proposal -2018.pdf