Group Compositions

Abstracting complex ideas and themes from Fahrenheit 451 into artistic movement.

Group 1

"Live and Let Your Doubts Die"

Dancers: Yoeli Apumayta Belleza, Karem Corona, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Ashley Hakes, and Tymber Weaver

451 Theme:

Don't let your downs get you down.

Group 2

"Bad Dreams"

Dancers: Lisana Alonso, Larissa Maldonado, Lydia Mooney, Jazmine Tello Zuniga, and Sydney Torgersen

451 Theme:

Destruction -Don't take knowledge, peace, relationships, etc. for granted.

Group 3


Dancers: Macady Carl, Stacie Gutierrez Sanchez, Morgan Hansen, Kirsten Platt, Ashley Storrer, and Keila Torres Montana

451 Theme:

Fear - fear can prevent change.

Collaboration with English:

Meeting 1:

  • English students share themes from Fahrenheit 451 using only emojis
  • Dance students interpret themes
  • Real themes are revealed
  • Dancers take those themes to create an original work of art

Meeting 2:

  • Example of how dance goes the opposite way on the scale -doesn't simplify but does try to communicate deeper (abstraction) -show Abuse dance example.
  • Dancers present their pieces. Include:

· The theme chosen that your dance was based on.

· Your title (and perhaps why you picked that title)

· The thought process and specifics of what you are sharing about that theme (what did you explore in your piece?).

· 1-2 things for the English students to specifically look for as they watch your piece –this will require a physical demonstration so be ready to really show it!

  • Final thoughts and thankyous.