Concurrent Enrollment

Momentum Dance Team receives

Concurrent Enrollment credit!

Get a jump start on college by earning college credits for taking the classes you are already taking anyway!

Intro video about Concurrent Enrollment

Some basics:

  • For all information on Concurrent Enrollment go to UVU's website. Scroll down for step-by-step and deadline dates!
  • Stay on top of the deadlines for enrolling/registering!
  • Process:
    • 1. Admission. There is a one-time admission fee of $40 (instead of $1500 for a real college semester) to enroll as a student. This process takes a couple days so don't delay! This makes you officially a UVU student! Once you have done this once, you won't have to ever do this again in future years.
    • 2. Enroll/register for classes. This you will have to do for each of your classes each year you take them. Follow this step-by-step. This is just signing you up for the particular class you are getting the credit for.
    • 3. Payment. It is a $5 fee for each of your concurrent enrollment classes. You also need a Parent Permission form filled out (you can do one with all your classes listed, or a separate form for each teacher). The form is located on the Documents page.
  • MDT (full year class) is the equivalent of UVU's Dance 141 class
  • UVU course: DANC141RH56; CRN number: 23440; Credits earned: 2
  • Sophomores can get permission to take Concurrent Enrollment, but their process is a little different. You must take the Accuplacer test (the purpose of the text is not your knowledge but to demonstrate that you are willing to work for taking a college class so young) and then the CE office will enroll you for the classes themselves.
  • This class credit is given through UVU; you can transfer credits to a different college as needed by sending your UVU transcript to the school of your choice.


  • Again, you get college credit for a class you are taking anyway.
  • You get those college credits for MUCH cheaper doing it early while still in high school.
  • You get a UVU ID card which gives you access to their amazing library, sporting events, UTA/trax, etc.
  • You count as a real UVU student!

Do the smart thing and get credit for taking this college level class!