Identity Unit

What is your identity made up of? What is the strongest part of you? What are your weaknesses? What does this mean for you in your goals, how you follow those goals and dreams, how you interact with others, etc.?

Topics & Sequences:

These are all building up to our Identity Dance that we will perform in our Spring Concert, as well as your term final Solo!

Videos of each of the sequences are in the sections and the Google Drive Folder of videos is also located at the bottom of this page.

"Born-Withs" -these are the things you are born with. We do look at some characteristics specifically further into this unit, but for this particular sequence we mostly focused on your name, age, height, family sibling order, and where you live.

Sequence: was a purple 1/2 sheet where you followed the directions and didn't really have a choice.


Gender -while body type still needs to be considered, there are some similarities and some differences between men and women. How are these reflected in dance? We did a little Disneyworld training if that helps you remember some of the physical characteristics that tend to be typical. Your gender does not dictate what type of mover you are!


*Stong/Masculine sequence: 4 sets of 8

*Light/Feminine sequence: 4 sets of 8 (hooked together in video)


Somatotype -your body type and its strengths and weaknesses. Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. Why is it helpful to know your body type? How can you take care of your body?

Sequence: your group created 2/8 that locomoted across the floor

Somatotype Locomotor.MOV

Societal Perceptions/Beauty -How does society influence you to believe certain things? How do we perceive beauty? Is that the best way? How has the definition of beauty changed throughout time? How does society affect the way you perceive yourself? What should the definition of beauty be?

Sequence: "Coloring book" sequence -new group adjusted and manipulated the original phrase into something new!

Beauty/Societal Inputs.MOV

Influences -building off of the society's perceptions, what else and maybe more importantly, who else around you influences who you are? Which people in your life influence you the most? For better or worse? How much of these influences make up your identity? Compare this to what you're already born with.

Sequence: Partner Sequence 4/8


Type A and Type B Personality -simplistic way to categorize two personality types. We do tend to be a mix, but do you have a stronger one? Which one are you in different situations? Is your dancing style the same or different as your personality style?

Sequences: each Type has a 3 sets of 8 that we created together

TypeA TypeB.MOV

Color Personality -more complicated way to categorize. Knowing more about your personality can help you in what way? How do you approach life? Approach problems? Approach experiences? Approach other people?

Sequence: 4/8 created with your color personality groups


Actions and Goals/Motivation -How much of "life" do you have a choice in? How about your reactions? Actions? Who makes your choices? Who influences your choices? Where does true happiness come from? This is our only topic that we discuss where you have 100% choice. You are who you want to be! We filled out a Bio Poem form giving you an essence or summation of your identity.

Sequence: about 4 sets of 8 where you have 100% choice in what you want to show -abstraction of Bio Poem (make sure to have enough movement to fill out your time for "Nutshell" solo below).

*This is your own Bio Poem phrase!*

Video yourself and practice!

Me-In-A-Nutshell Solo

This is our term final where you get to show us who you are summed up in a nutshell, using the different aspects of Identity that we've discussed. Instructions are on "Documents" subpage and attached below.

As this is a term final, please be thoughtful and creative in how you present your solo!

You may use your own music if you wish, but it must be instrumental =no lyrics.

We will have minimal in class time; practice on your own!!

Identity Sequence Videos

Other Files and Info related to Identity