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We open every morning at 7:20 am, and close at 2:40 pm.

You may visit when class is in session with a pass from a teacher, or when you are accompanied by a staff member. 

Unless we have an event or class scheduled, the library hosts a SKYtime silent study area and is also open during lunch periods. We are closed during lunch for book club on the first Thursday of the month and for Maker Club on the first and third Mondays.

Circulation Policies

Books are checked out for three weeks; late fees are 10 cents per item, per day. A book may be renewed if another patron isn't waiting for it. 

Sora ebooks are checked out for two weeks at which point they are automatically returned unless you renew them (due to high demand this usually isn't possible).

Specialty items like makerspace kits and reference materials are checked out overnight and must be returned before school begins the next day; late fees on these items are 25 cents per item, per day, until they are returned.


No food, drink, or gum is allowed out of respect for library materials, equipment, and furnishings.

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form must be signed to use the library computers; this form is found on your parent's Skyward account. You may use computers for educational purposes only.

The library makerspace is available during library hours. A variety of tools and materials are available; we ask you to follow all guidelines and clean up after working on your project.