Mr. Hanney's Web Page

Welcome to my home page! Here I will be listing assignments, links, and other items for my classes. Please check back regularly as I am just starting this site and will be updating as much as time permits.
Keys to Success (from the book "How Children Succeed"):
  • Self Discipline (don't eat the marshmallow)
  • Conscientiousness (doing hard and boring things without external rewards)
  • Grit (Perseverance ¬†- keep going until it is done)
How to Develop Character (from the book "How Children Succeed"):
  • Try new things
  • Understand that failures, mistakes, and setbacks are inevitable and not the end of the world (and that they are something we do, and not something we are)
How to Learn:
  1. Admit and accept imperfections
  2. Based on those imperfections, work hard to get the best approximate solution
  3. Get up and act on your approximation
  4. Change your approximation a little and try again
"To learn is hard work. It requires discipline. And there is much drudgery. When I hear someone say that learning is fun, I wonder if that person has never learned or if he has just never had fun. There are moments of excitement in learning: these seem usually to come after long periods of hard work, but not after ALL long periods of hard work." (Elliot Butler)