Standard 1: Motion

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For today's lecture, watch this video, and do the packet. You only need to do numbers 1-14. 

Today's Lesson: Wave Properties

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Here is the link to the video lesson for today. It was made by another one of our Lone Peak teachers using the same exact stuff I would show you! When you are finished watching the video, you may start the online homework 10.1, which is due next time. I'll be here Monday, so come get help if you need it!

Parent/Student Survey

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Here is the link for the survey:


Conservation of Momentum

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To view the lesson, click this link, or copy it into your browser:

After you watch, you can start the online homework, 7.2

Unit 5 test review

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I took a screen shot of each question on the unit 5 test review (OHW 5.6) with answers, JUST IN CASE the online homework center is having issues for you. That way you have something to study from.

Extra Credit Opportunity

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For 2 points extra credit on the Unit 2 test:

BEFORE you take your test:
  • Go to .
  • Select "Graphing Challenge" game.
  • Complete ALL 24 LEVELS in World 1 (including bonus levels).
  • Take a screen shot, showing all levels completed, and email it to me with your name and class period.

Welcome to Physics!

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We are going to have a fun year! Click around and see what's on the website. Check under the "Documents" tab to find my disclosure document.

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