Di Lello Home

"Be Kind"


My name is Krista Di Lello.  I look forward to a wonderful new year of growth and learning through physical activity, art, dance, self-expression, yoga, and mindfulness.  I am excited for us to all work together, to lift each other up, and to become greater individually and collectively.  We will strive to commit minds to inquiry, hearts to compassion, and lives to the service of mankind. 

Please look at CANVAS often for assignments, discussions, tests, updates, and information.  All students are expected to use Canvas in my classes.  Skyward will be the grading portal imported from Canvas assignments.

For current information, please log into Canvas and BAND.

The best way to contact me is through email: kdilello@alpinedistrict.org

Mrs. Di Lello's Class Schedule 2021-2022

  • A1: Not at School
  • A2: Synergy Dance 3 UVU CE
  • A3: Unified P.E. 
  • A4: Yoga (S1 & S2)

  • B5: Not at School
  • B6: Prep
  • B7: Social Dance (S1)         Hip Hop (S2)
  • B8: Yoga (S1)                       Yoga 2 (S2

ASD A/B Calendar 2021-2022