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Warning bell @ 7:40
A1 or B1 7:45-8:55
announcements @ 8:55
A2 or B2 9:05-10:15
A3 or B3 10:20-11:30
LUNCH @ 11:30-12:00
A4 OR B4 12:05-1:15

Warning bell @ 7:40
A1 or B1 7:45-9:04
announcements & HOMEROOM/ADVISORY @ 9:09-9:33
A2 or B2 9:38-10:57
A3 or B3 11:02-12:21
LUNCH @ 12:21-12:51
A4 OR B4 12:56-2:15

Warning bell @ 7:40
A1 or B1 7:45-8:57
ASSEMBLY @9:02-9:54
A2 or B2 9:59-11:11
A3 or B3 11:16-12:28
LUNCH @ 12:28-12:58
A4 OR B4 1:03-2:15

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Letter from Teacher

What up.

I am Mrs. Phillips, I was born and raised in Texas and naturally very proud of it. I went to Texas Tech University for my undergraduate degree and received my Masters at Texas A&M Commerce. Hobbies include my family, CrossFit, sleeping & music.

My school experience... was terrible, I know I am suppose to say I loved school. Honestly, I hated school until I got to my Masters degree. That is the truth. So you ask yourself, why is she a teacher? What was so difficult about school for her?

Well, I was diagnosed with ADD in the 2nd grade, back then and as a kid it was a big deal. Looking back I do not see what the big deal was, as an adult it is one of  my biggest assets. Do you have any idea how many conversations I can have at one time? How many things I can accomplish at the same time? It will amaze you. Then, I was told I was dyslexic. Which was a relief of sorts because it gave me a reason to be horrible at reading. READING was so impossible for me, I attempted to get around it at all costs but, turns out majority of your education is reading. So you  can image, making a kid like me sit still in a seat and read did not make for the best educational experience ever.

As a teacher I get to make as many humans as possible do not have to go through what I went through. There are so many tips or “reading hacks” I have researched, so many ways to make school work for ALL students.

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