Welcome to AP Art History!

AP Art History is the study and appreciation of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from prehistory to the present.  This course emphasizes students’ abilities to discuss art in terms of form (the elements of art), function (its purpose, audience), its content (what is painted and why the artist chose to paint that subject) and the historical context of the work of art.  The course is balanced between art of the western tradition, and art from Asia, Africa, The Americas, and Oceania. 


My #1 goal in teaching this course is to instill in you a lifelong love and informed appreciation of painting, sculpture and architecture. This may not have a whole lot to do with your eventual profession, but it can have an awful lot to do with your enjoyment and understanding of life! Art has a lot to say. Beauty is something we could stand to have more of in life. I will do my best to have some of my enthusiasm for this subject rub off on you!

My #2 goal in teaching this course is to help you pass the AP examination and earn college credit. Notice that this is my secondary goal. I will teach with both goals in mind, but number one will always be paramount. If goal number one is achieved, goal number two will pretty much take care of itself. I think you will like looking at this stuff! And when you have the opportunity during your life to see some of it in person you will be glad you had this class.  Art can and will mean a lot to you from now on.