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LonePeakPhysics Video Library 

A video library compiled by Mrs Chorak of many videos made by the LPHS Physics dept teachers over the last few years. The link will open her website in a new window.

Handouts, Documents, and Problem Sets

Term 2

 NEW!  Trigonometry Review (U4 PS Trig) The Trig worksheet from class

 NEW!  Balanced Force Worksheet (U4 PS4) Balanced Force Worksheet from class. Evens

 NEW!  Balanced Force Worksheet (U4 PS3) Balanced Force Worksheet from class. 1, 3, 7, 8

Term 3

Unit 6 Mastery Document  A summary of the projectile motion unit and the topics you should know by the end of the unit.

Term 4

Term 1

Unit 3 Kinematics problems (PS3-4) Worksheet from class with 8 kinematics problems.

Unit 3 Problem Set 1 (PS3-1) The pink paper from class with the different types of graphs.

Position-Velocity-Acceleration stacks of Graphs  A document explaining how to make the types of graphs discussed in class. The same thing as on Canvas.

2017 Disclosure Document - Full text
  This is the full disclosure document that you must read. There will be a quiz.

2017 Disclosure Document - Short Version  This is the short one-page disclosure you signed and returned.

LPHS Physics eBook - Download for Bookmarks to work  This book was written by the LPHS Physics team. It explains topics in the way we covered them in class.

 Graphing Powerpoint from class

 Four Graphs paper passed out in class

Math Practice Problem Set

Unit 2 Problem Set 3-4 The velocity-time graph assignments done in class on Sept 19-20

Lab Report Expectations and Rubric  This is the document handed out in class describing lab report expectations, scoring, and guidelines.

Unit 2 Motion Maps and Velocity Graphs (PS2-2)  This was the worksheet we did in class. If you want a better score than you recieved, print this out and re-do it.

Unit 2 Test Review class worksheet (PS2-R)  This was the worksheet we did in class. If you want a better score than you recieved, print this out and re-do it.

Acceleration lab Logger Pro instructions
Other Videos, PowerPoints, and Lecture Notes

Term 2

 NEW!  Newton's 1st Law Powerpoint  Slides with class notes introducing Newton's 1st law.

 NEW!  Newton's 1st Law This video goes over how to use force diagrams and trig to solve Newton's 1st Law problems.

 NEW!   Newtons"s 3rd Law  The PowerPoint from class about Newton's 3rd law

Term 3

Term 4

Catapults Video - You must watch this one from home on YouTube.

 Wave Properties powerpoint 
from class

Electromagnetic Waves powerpoint 
from class

Waves Introduction powerpoint 
This is the presentation from class on Basic wave definitions.

Universal Gravitation powerpoint This is the presentation from class on Universal Gravitation.

Term 1

How to get the Kinematics Equations from the v-t graph A video demonstrating how to derive the Kinematics equations from the velocity-time graph.

Five Basic Graph shapes notes  A video explaining the five basic graph shapes as discussed in class.

Qualitative Motion Descriptions A video explaining how to make position graphs, velocity graphs, motion maps, and written descriptions. This was covered in class on Sept 20-21 2016.

Relative Motion Videos Videos shown in class explaining relative motion.

Accelerated Motion Video Video for the Ball on a ramp accelerated motion lab.

Accelerated Motion Lab Handout Handout for the lab. Print and fill this out.