AP Videos & Docs

Handouts and Documents

Term 1

2017 AP Disclosure Document - Full Version  This is the full Disclosure Document that you must read. There will be a quiz.

2017 Disclosure Document - Short Version  This is the short one-page disclosure you signed and returned.

LPHS Physics eBook - Download for Bookmarks to work  This book was written by the LPHS Physics team. It explains many topics in the way we covered them in class, even though it is not primarily an AP-level discussion it may still be helpful to you.

Lab Report Expectations and Rubric  This is the document handed out in class describing lab report expectations, scoring, and guidelines

 Videos and lecture Notes 

LonePeakPhysics Video Library A video library compiled by Mrs Chorak of many videos made by the LPHS Physics dept teachers over the last few years. The link will open her website in a new window.

Term 1

 Five Basic Graph shapes notes
  A video explaining the five basic graph shapes as discussed in class.

Constant Velocity Lesson This video goes over the topics associated with constant velocity motion.

Acceleration Lab Video
 This is the video you need to do the acceleration lab on Logger Pro. You will also need Logger Pro if you are doing this at home. Once it opens you will need to download it to your desktop.

Projectile Motion Videos for Oct 3 (about 35 minutes)
1. Independence of x and y Directions (5 minutes)
2. Horizontal Projectiles (10:30 minutes)
3. Horizontal Projectile Example (7:30 minutes)
4. Start at an angle example (12 minutes)

Term 2