About Me

Pam Anderson

Skyridge High School
3000 N Center
Lehi, UT 84043
801-610-8820 ext. 785157

Hi! I am Pam Anderson. My husband is Trever, and we have five kids, ages 19 to 26, four boys and one girl.  Our youngest two are twins--a boy and a girl, and no, they are NOT identical!  

Some things that I love to do are: read, go fishing with my husband (I'm still trying to get the hang of fly fishing), canoeing with the fam, kayaking, and pretty much anything in the water. I do NOT, however, like to camp. My favorite place to visit in the entire world is Yellowstone Park, because it is full of so many crazy and cool things. I could go there every year and be amazed every time. I have also driven from one side of the country to the other in just two trips--one we drove out to New York and back, and the other we drove to the Oregon coast and back. It was awesome! I've been to Hawaii as well, on the island of Kauai, and my favorite thing there was the kayak trip to a cool waterfall. This last summer I went to Yellowstone and hiked to the highest point in the park. 

I like to watch movies with my family, and I'll watch pretty much anything . . . Star Trek, Disney animation, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice (the long version, please), 13 Going on 30 . . . I've even been known to watch a Japanese cartoon or two in my time.

I love food. My husband and I love to eat at good restaurants and try new foods. We will try out anything. We love food!