AACA Snack Food Policy

     Our first graders bring their own snack each day. We will have snack time every morning at 9:15. Please follow the school guidelines below when choosing snacks.

AACA Snack Food Policy

Daily Snack
AACA is committed, across all grade levels, to teaching students about healthy and
nutritious eating habits. Because of this commitment, we request that, in addition to
all snack foods brought to school being peanut and tree-nut free, that snacks are also
healthy and nutritious.

For K-5 students who bring a snack to school each day, the attached list provides a
sampling of they types of snacks we ask that you pack for your child. These treats, in
general, support healthy brain development. While no snack list will be perfect or
approved by all, we welcome your suggestions of how to improve this list to provide a
resource for parents.

We appreciate your attention to this list and adhering to these suggestions for snack
through out the year.

Special Occasion Food
Birthday Treats
Beginning in August 2011, we ask that birthday treats be limited to fruit popsicles. This
treat is greatly enjoyed by all students and avoids possible issues with student allergies.

Classroom Holiday Parties
Food for classroom parties should follow a similar, healthy menu but special treats, in a
limited quantity, may be allowed to celebrate special holidays. Classroom teachers and
Classroom Coordinators will consult about the menu for class parties to ensure that the
majority of foods served are both healthy and nutritious.

A sample menu for a classroom party is as follows:
1 juice or water drink option
1 sweet, nut-free treat (popsicle, cupcake, cake, or type of candy)
1-2 Cheese and cracker servings
Unlimited servings of fruit
Unlimited servings of vegetables
Hummus or other dip for vegetables