2013 - 14 Western Region Reclamation Intranet Site

Welcome to the Western Region Reclamation Intranet

Brother of the Western Region, Welcome to our new Reclamation Intranet System.  This is your one stop shopping for all the information you need pertaining to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc new reclamation initiative.  

Under the direction of Bro. Frank Russell Jr., the National Chairman of Reclamation & Retention; 
we are heading towards a new day within our fraternity. A day that calls for all brothers to come together as a united front in efforts to assist  Bro. General President Mark S. Tillman in achieving his goal of reclaiming 5,000 plus brothers over the next five years. Is this an impossible goal?  As an Alphaman, we know that nothing is impossible!


A Message from Western Region Reclamation Chair Person Brother Marcus Channey:

Greetings my Brothers of the Western Region,

 I am Bro. Marcus K. Channey; initiated in the spring of 1998 into the Pi Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 

In 2008, I made the transition from undergraduate to alumni by way of the Gamma Lambda Chapter in Detroit, MI where I remained until the fall of 2011, in which; my family and I relocated to the Las Vegas, NV where I am now a member of the Theta Pi Lambda Chapter. 

 This past summer I was appointed by the Western Region Vice President, Brother Russell Flye, as the Western Region Reclamation & Retention Committee Chairman; as a brother charged with these duties I plan to reclaim & retain as many brothers as possible.