Alpha Towing Inc.
Servicing: Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Etc.

Ever seen a tow truck driver in a Tuxedo ? 
Well if you look closely, you won't actually see them on our drivers either. (our drycleaning bills were killing us) We live by our clean professional standards.

Alpha Towing service Feels like a four star service butler is sevicing your client.

Highest 4 star NTA rating available.

Fully insured Drivers and Equipment. Our drivers are exceptionally prepared during their 14 day training course. Security Photos during pickup is just one of the "swiss army knife" tools we use to provide the best service possible.

GM, Ford, Chrysler and Honda are just a few of the official dealer recommendations we carry. We're approved for the "top three" road services and many others. 

Alpha Towing is your preferred Service because:

  • State of the art integrated GPS tracking system optimizes delivery and routes around traffic with the constant monitoring and assistance from dispatch office.
  • Southern-Linc supplements standard Radio Dispatch system.
  • Driver Training Program maintains consistency of quality of service.
  • Secure Driver Link system provides peace of mind.
  • If you are Stranded on the highway, we bring a white truck to save you.
  • If your vehicle is abandoned, a white flatbed will rescue your ride.
  • If you are stuck in a ditch we will make your day better.
  • If you left the lights on, and your battery is dead, we can help.