Greetings Family:

Welcome to our portal for online giving.  Here, you will be able to pay National dues, update your contact information, and explore various methods where you can help our beloved Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.

The National Board is excited to share with you some of the opportunities that we believe will benefit the organization as we continue to launch the Vision, Purpose, and the National Initiative - Hope For Life.

There are two major developments on the horizon. The first one is the Revitlazion of chapters that have gone dormant. Second, is the enhancements of our National Initiative - Hope For Life.  With diligent hands, work, care, and finances these major developments can be positioned well to serve not only the needs of Alpha Nu Omega, but also the needs of the surrounding community.

We have had much to process in concern to the Revitalization of various chapters along with the enhancements of the National Initiative Hope For Life. However, there is much more that still needs to be done. In light of this, we would like to invite you, the  Alpha Nu Omega family, to continue to help to fulfill our united vision for this project. However, to get there, we will need your help in securing the necessary finances, training, and marketing (Public Relations) to reach these endeavors.

Here are some of the costs that we will have to cover this year with regard to these Projects:
  • National Chapter Revitalization $3000.00
  • National Initiative Branding $5000.00
  • National Liability Insurance $1528.00
Vis and an Alpha Chapter brother helping with the National cleanup
If you have the desire to help, we would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide for our organization during this time of growth, whether financial or otherwise. We are on track for aggressive growth and we will need our entire family on board if we are to succeed.

In addition to paying your national dues, please consider our "Continuous Giving" option.  

During this global pandemic Covid-19, Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. is not only praying for the nations, those that have been diagnosed, and family members of those that have passed away; but we are also looking to give to colleges and universities to continue to encourage and uplift students who may have become displaced. While also supporting our members during this time. Your "Continous Giving" will assist in our efforts of Family Helping Family during these turbulent times. 

Clarence E. Patterson
National Treasurer
Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.