Greetings Family:

Welcome to our new portal for online giving.  Here, you will be able to pay dues, update your contact information, and explore various methods where you can help our beloved Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.

The National Board, are excited to share with you about some of the opportunities God is opening up for us.

One major development on the horizon is the upcoming acquisition of a property in Baltimore to serve as our National Headquarters. With some work and care, this property can be positioned well to serve not only the needs of Alpha Nu Omega, but also the needs of the surrounding community.

We have had much work done on the building already, but there is much more that still needs to be done. In light of this, we would like to extend the invitation out to everyone in the Alpha Nu Omega family to get involved and help fulfill our united vision for this project. However, to get there, we will need your help in securing the title for the building in our name.

Here are some of the costs that we will have to cover this year with regard to the National Headquarters building:
  • Mortgage payments $15,890.40
  • Building insurance $1,430.00
  • Settlement costs $5,000.00
  • Electrical work $15,000.00
  • Plumbing work $4,500.00
Vis and an Alpha Chapter brother helping with the National cleanup
If you have the desire to help, we would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide for our organization during this time of growth, whether financial or otherwise. We are on track for aggressive growth, and we will need our entire family on board if we are to succeed.

In addition to paying your national dues, please consider our "Continuous Giving" option.  

Yours in Kingdom Building,

Will M. Laohoo
National Treasurer
Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.