Student Resources

Math Games

Arcademics - 1st-6th

Brain Pop - elementary Math Games

Cool Math Games - Elementary level

Fun 4 the Brain - 1st-8th

Fun Brain Math Arcade - 1st-8th

Hooda Math - k-12

ICT Games - Elementary (British)

Learning Games for Kids - Elementary

Math Game Time - prek - 7th

Manga High -

Math Moves U - Middle School

Math Play Ground - Beginner and Intermediate Math games

Math Run - fast paced math game

Mr. Nussbaum - prek-8th

Multiplication Games - Addition, subtraction, and multiplication

PBS Kids Math Games - Elementary

Primary Games - k-5th

Sheppard Software - k-8th

Soft Schools - k-8th math games

Online Math Practice

Khan Academy - Learn new concepts and practice to gain competency

Buzz Math - Middle School Math Practice

Glencoe-McGraw Hill Algebra 1 Tests - Algebra 1 Chapter tests

Glencoe-McGraw Hill Algebra 2 Tests - Algebra 2 chapter tests

Glencoe-McGraw Hill Geometry Tests - Geometry Chapter Tests

IXL - k-12

Mr. Nussbaum - Elementary math practice - online math fact

Prentice Hall Blitzer Precal Tests - Precal tests

Project Euler - Challenging math and computer programming problems

ProveIt - practice with two column proofs

ProveIt 2012 - more practice with two column proofs

Ten Marks - Practice, instruction, assessment, and intervention - designed for Common Core Math.

Math Videos

Khan Academy - Learn new concepts and practice to gain competency

Brightstorm - Online Math Videos

Teacher Tube - like youtube for teachers

TED Talks - Ideas worth spreading

The New Boston - Tutorials

Virtual Nerd - 6th grade - algebra 2

Online Math/Education Tools

Class Tools - create your own games, quizzes and activities

CmapTools - Create concept maps

Course Hero - Online study documents

Edmodo - connect with students online

Geogebra - Free dynamic geometry software with functions to graph

Interactive Tour of the Sistine Chapel

Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own comics

Principles of Calculus - Interactive Calculus

Photo Peach - slideshows to go

Story Jumper - Publish your own children’s book

Quizlet - Free online flashcards

Wolfram Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

Math Books & Courseware

Academic Earth - Free online college courses and videos

Books Should Be Free - Free public domain audiobooks and ebooks

California Learning Resource Network - Free online textbooks aligned with california curriculum

Center of Math - Free higher math text books

CK-12 - Free online textbooks

Connexions - Free online learning materials.  Create your own course

Coursera - Free online courses

Curriki - open source curriculum

edX - Free online college courses

LibriVox - Free audio book and ebooks

Math Open Ref - Free interactive web textbook

MIT Open Courseware

Project Gutenburg - Free ebooks

Textbook Revolution- Free online textbooks

Udacity - Free online project based College Courses

University of Reddit - Mostly university level courses

Wallace Math Cources - Algebra text online

Math Lessons/Activities/Projects

Big Ideas Math - Can use activities, games, and other RTI Activities for free

Cool Math 4 Kids - pre-k to pre-alg

Cool Math pre-alg to calculus

Derive Ze Zombies - calculus lesson on derivatives

Factoring with Mr. Yang and Mosley - Factoring interactive comic lesson

Math Delights - Activities, puzzles, and problems k-6th

Math is Fun - Online text lessons and games

NRICH - k-12 enrichment activities

Purple Math - Online Math Text Lessons

Wolfram MathWorld - Online Math Resource

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