Meet Infomation

Will we stop to eat during away meets?

Due to time issues, we go staight to the meets and come straight home.  Students will need to pack some healthy pre-meet snacks, water/Gatorade and a meal for after the meet on the bus ride home.  TBJH rules still apply, so no energy drinks are allowed.  

When will the busses get to TBJH after away meets?

We will have the kids keep tabs with parents on the status of the busses once we get on the road.  
Cramer's, on the corner of M-32 and M-65 is another stop the bus will make for students who live in that area.  Let the coaches know if that location works best for you.

Can you leave when your events are done?

Although track competition  can be very individual in nature, it is still a team sport.  At home meets it is best if all athletes stay to cheer on their teammates.  If it is a necessesity to leave before the conclusion of the meet, make sure to check with a coach first. 
For away meets, students must have a Contest Travel Release form in order to travel home a way other that the bus, even with his or her parent.   The form can be printed from the APS Athletic Department's Website:

Is jewelry okay?

 No.  This includes pretty much everything, short of medical-related items.  Plastic wrist bands, earrings, friendship bracelets are all prohibited.   
If in doubt, remember the rule...if you weren't born with it, it's jewelry.

In what order are the events?

 See the "Offical Pal" document for details on event order.  The document is also very helpful in understanding some of the event rules and procedures.

How can I help? 

In order to run our home meets we need many parents volunteers-no experience required.  If you are able to help, contact one of the coaches, or Darrin Lightener at TBJH, and we'll put you to work.