Google Drive Tutorials

Interested in learning more about Google Drive? You've come to the right place! The Google Drive link in the black bar at the top of your Gmail window is the "launching point" for a set of online productivity tools. These tools, sometimes collectively called "Google Docs" or "Google Apps," offer free online document storage and management, word processing, and other applications. They are available from any computer connected to the Internet, so you always have access to your files and the programs you need to edit them.

Click for tutorials on Gmail and Google Calendar.
APS Tutorial Documents
The tutorial documents below (created in Google Docs!) highlight the basic features of the most commonly used tools. Watch for more tutorials to be added in the future.
Start learning about creating and editing text documents. These skills apply to other tools, too. Then move on to...

Navigate Google Drive to view and organize your files.

Crunch numbers using Google's spreadsheet application.

Use Google's presentation tool to create slideshows.

Refer to this guide to learn about some powerful sharing and collaboration features.
Google Drive Video Tutorials
This series of video tutorials are very user-friendly and a good place to start. However, they are not produced by APS and include ads (you'll see a random ad at the beginning, middle and end of each video). APS is not responsible for the content of the ads! However, if you can put up with a few seconds of advertising, these tutorials are good to show the basics and beyond.

Part I: Introduction/Overview (15:33)
Part 2: Composing Google Docs (24:06)
Part 4: Document Organization (12:55)
Also: Google Forms (10:49)

Google's Own Help Sites
Here are links to information direct from Google: