Using a PLC in lieu of a standard evaluation:

1. Criteria for Participation

A. Tenured teachers may opt to participate in a PLC of at least three team members in lieu of the standard teacher evaluation process. See the PLC Documents page for the proposal form.

B. The PLC will pursue a learning goal. The goal setting procedure is described below.

C. Group members will establish a set of learning norms (“ground rules”) for their PLC group and submit these with their proposal.

D. Requesting members of a PLC will choose an administrator with expertise in the area of study to become their overseeing and approving administrator. The Director of Instruction or Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources may be asked for suggestions of an administrator with expertise in the chosen area of study. At least two face-to-face meetings between team members and the administrator must be scheduled.

E. Human Resources must be notified of participants using a PLC in lieu of the standard teacher evaluation process by the approving administrator no later than October 15.

F. If a member is not being evaluated this year, they may request to Human Resources to move up their evaluation cycle.

2. Criteria for Goal Setting

A. A common goal for study will be based on the common needs of members. Charlotte Danielson’s four domains of professional practice should be incorporated into the goal. Training regarding Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching (2nd ed.) will be conducted in early September 2009.

B. If the original goal is met, team members may choose additional goals.

3. Record-Keeping and Timeframe

A. Members will meet a minimum of three times totaling at least nine hours.

B. Team members will decide the amount of time for each meeting, but each session must be at least one hour in duration.

C. Each team member will complete a PLC feedback sheet and forward this to the supervising administrator after each session.

D. Each team member is responsible to log each session on the online professional development tracker.

E. A cumulative one-page narrative describing the member's progress toward the established goal will be completed by each team member and submitted to the administrator no later than March 1.

F. Completion of these items constitutes a successful evaluation and will be submitted to Human Resources by the supervising administrator upon approval.

4. Removal: A team member will step down if there is more than one absence. If there are concerns or questions concerning team members, the supervising administrator will investigate and make a final determination as to members' continuation in the PLC.