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Making a Difference

You can make a difference with your charitable contribution to All Saints' Episcopal school!  Here are some of the possibilities...

Matching Gifts:
 Thousands of companies match donations that their employees make to institutions like All Saints’ Episcopal School. Donors are urged to request that their companies match their gifts. 

Named Gifts: You may make a gift in honor of someone close to All Saints’ Episcopal School, or you may choose to associate a special name with a major project, classroom, conference room, or other part of our campus facility. We will be pleased to provide a list of such opportunities to donors or discuss other naming suggestions. 

Gifts of Cash or Securities: Many gifts to the All Saints’ Episcopal School will be cash contributions, for which donors may receive tax benefits if they itemize deductions. Donors may realize substantial tax advantages by transferring gifts of appreciated stock to All Saints’ Episcopal School. Capital gains on the amount of appreciation may be avoided, and the donor may receive a tax deduction for the stock’s full market value. 

Life Insurance: A life insurance policy may be used to make a gift to All Saints’ Episcopal School. This may provide a tax deduction and enable the donor to make a much larger gift than otherwise possible. Frequently, current policy beneficiaries are otherwise adequately provided for, making this a good way for the donor to show his or her support for the future efforts of All Saints’ Episcopal School. 

Residences and Real Estate: Residences and Real Estate can be given, allowing the donor to realize a tax deduction, avoid the capital gains tax, and retain lifetime occupancy if desired. 

Gifts-in-Kind: Gifts of tangible property may result in an immediate tax deduction for the donor, with the amounts of the deduction determined by whether or not the gift is related to the educational purposes of All Saints’ Episcopal School. The gift may also lessen or eliminate the donor’s estate taxes. Gifts-in-kind include donations of art, equipment, services, and similar non-monetary contributions. All gifts-in-kind will be credited to the school at the appraised value. 

Planned Gifts and Bequests: Many donors discover that they can make a substantial gift to All Saints’ Episcopal School through planned giving. Usually, planned gifts are trust funds from which income is paid to the donor during his or her lifetime, with the principal going to ASES after the donor’s death. Donors may enjoy full tax benefits for such contributions, enhancing their own financial situation even as they make a lasting contribution to the school. Unrestricted bequests, expressed as a percentage of an estate, often convey the donor’s intentions more accurately than a specified sum. All Saints’ Episcopal School can provide details about the many forms that a planned gift may take and the tax advantages associated with each.