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Philosophy and Objectives

All Saints' Episcopal School is an institution of 
learning richly blessed. An excellent faculty, supportive parents and eager students are just a few of our many blessings. Community-wide support and encouragement has yielded more than forty years of excellence in education.
We welcome students from all walks of life, from every religion, race, national origin, gender and socio-economic background. We believe that a heterogeneous student body is a healthy one; for it is by association with those who are different from us that we learn what it means to be fully human.
We invite those who care about children and share our vision to join in making it a reality. After all, our Lord said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven."  We want to follow that commandment in a dynamic, pragmatic way.
Stained glass window presented to the school by the graduating class of 1998.

Core Values

All Saints’ Episcopal School, as a Christian school, promotes numerous Christian values in every aspect of its program. However, the six core values listed below are emphasized in particular as those values that best represent the mission and traditions of the school. Throughout the year, teachers and others emphasize these values through a variety of ways. We encourage parents to support our efforts by taking opportunities to incorporate these values into families’ activities and discussions. The ultimate goal of the Core Values Program is to inculcate these values in the thought process of each of our students.

  • Spirituality = Prayer, faithfulness, holiness, relationship with God 
  • Tolerance = Acceptance of those different from us, compassion, patience
  • Achievement = Fulfilling potential, doing the best we can do
  • Integrity = Honesty, fairness, understanding, uprightness, true to self 
  • Respect = Respect for others, self, staff and administrators, peers, environment (stewardship), elderly, nation, authority; courtesy and manners
  • Service = Stewardship, responsibility, community, serving others