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Middle School (6-8)

Essential Enlightenment: Renaissance! Re-birth! 

These very words engender hopeful excitement about the future. At ASES we believe that enthusiasm for learning is contagious...and that it doesn't need to disappear during the middle school years! Middle school is often a time of waning academic interest. We offer fun, engaging programs that cultivate character, physical development, intellectual inquiry and scholarship. 

Anthropologist Margaret Mead said that we are more different from each other during the middle school years that at any other time of our lives. Numerous studies have shown that academic achievement seems to slow--sometimes even regress--during the middle school years. While it may be true that the body and brain are undergoing radical changes, it is also true that the same teaching methods that worked so well for younger children simply aren't as effective during this time of rapid physical and social growth. 

Our challenging curriculum is "college pre-preparatory," meaning that our graduates are prepared for advanced classes in high school that lead to admissions at top colleges. In addition to great nearby schools like Carson-Newman and UT, our graduates have attended such schools as Stanford, Davidson, Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, Notre Dame and Sewanee. In other words, we celebrate work leading to great scholarship. It's all about the excitement of the teachers, the use of essential questions, and the modality of recursive/hands-on instruction.

 your child's curiosity will be nurtured and her critical thinking encouraged as she extracts DNA from the green beans that she's cultivated in the school garden! 

Here your child will learn from teachers who take learning beyond textbooks and into the a gem mine in North Carolina, Mammoth Cave, an evening at the theatre or even the Florida Everglades!

Here your child will be challenged, engaged and included in everything from service clubs to disc golf, from choir to space camp!

Here your child can be part of a community of learners who value character education as much as academic knowledge. Our student honor code is legendary!

Here your child can learn to love learning for the joy that it brings!