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Missing Something

Missing Something — hope for consumers in a warm, crowded world by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield 

Every hour of every day 8,000 more human beings join the global community. As our numbers and standard of living rise we need ever more resources from nature.  Never before has one species been so successful and so effective in changing the world. Rather than celebrate we are told that we are on the edge of an environmental cliff about to fall onto the rocks of global warming, pollution and starvation below. 

Will we plunge or not? Missing something is a book that will help you decide. It is a light and sometime amusing view of our vexatious love affair with the environment seen from disparate trenches of academia, business and a long practical experience of the environment.

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Environmental Issues for Real

Environmental Issues for Real by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield takes a fresh look at some of the obvious, and some of the not so obvious, challenges for a growing human population living as we do in a finite world. 

Only this time it's not about the impending disasters or the guilt or the blame. This time, it’s ten brief essays that are about the bigger picture.  In less than an hour you could glimpse something different, a view that we can only see when we take a fresh look.

Read something different about how we might look at our world. 

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Stories for a change 

Stories for a change by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield come from the real world, they tell us about where we are and where we are going, and what it is like to be looking at nature with clouded eyes.

Ten unusual short stories explain where we are in a world we have changed. Compelling tales about the environment that will provoke, sooth and inspire. 

 It would be great if every undergraduate read them on their mobile device of choice.

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How to love nature when you live in the city 

How to love nature when you live in the city by Dr J. Mark Dangerfield suggests four ideas and ten top tips for those of us who live in the city but still want to be in touch with nature. 

 Ten top tips for those of us who enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life and wouldn't change it for the world. Yet we know that our innate love of nature that goes further than watching wildlife documentaries on our plasma screens. 

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Awkward news for greenies 

Awkward news for greenies by Dr j Mark Dangerfield and Ashley Bland is a different book. 

It could have been a catalogue of environmental disaster, pain and impending doom, or another green rant. 

It isn't. It tackles the issue of an environment destined to support a growing human population that treads on it with ever-larger boots.

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