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alloporus creates technical reporting that makes sense and is easy to read

we seek to simplify and explain without loosing any of the nuances that are key to environmental understanding — the reason we can do this is our well tested combination of analytical science skills, experience and plenty of practice 

our specialty is the production of environmental 
evaluation, assessment and strategy reports that are clear, logical and accessible

we especially like this when the challenge is complex and involves data, many stakeholders and multiple values — our goal is always to present as many facts as are available in an accessible way, knowing that words, images and numbers all have their place. 

As a registered publisher alloporus also produces 
  • books 
  • ebooks 
  • educational materials
  • copy for online media including websites, ezines and blogs 
you can see examples of online material at 

or follow these links for lists of technical reports and published books

wordsmith services to help with report production, editing and review are available on request

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