How to Prepare QuickBooks Enterprise Company Data Files for Upgrade Process

Before you upgrade your QuickBooks Enterprise to the latest edition available, you will have to go through a slew of technical procedure to get your company data files prepared. It is necessary and you should never overrule the process. In case of any sorts of ignorance for the process, it will end up causing you unnecessary inconveniences and technical glitches in days to come.

First and foremost, I would recommend you to identify a certified technician as the task is never to be handled without any expert. As of my own experience, you will have somehow same experience whether you chose an official or independent expert. But, as I have experienced, a third-party technician does hardly eat into your productive hours; they address all sorts of technical issue with the company data files using their verified and result-oriented QuickBooks Enterprise support for some associated techniques. You will get the job done easily without any technical trouble in the least possible time at the independent helpdesk.

And you will never find it challenging to locate and access such technicians as they have a wide appearance across the internet. And as far as their communication mechanism is concerned, you will find it quite easy to access the helpdesk through a toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise support number all the time whenever you need. But you need to make sure you are choosing a certified professional.

Anyway, once you decide on a particular technician, you should move further and start preparing your company data files. Here are the steps that you can use to verify your data file to ensure that it is all ready to work with the latest edition:

·         Log into your QuickBooks Enterprise as the Admin. It must be protected by a password.

·         Delete special characters such as ":" "&" and "/" from the file name. The file extension should have the characters like .qbw

·         Run Verify Data on the company file

o   Exit and restart QuickBooks.

o   In the QuickBooks menu bar, choose Window and then select Close All

o   In the QuickBooks menu bar, click through File > Utilities

o   Click Verify Data

And if you require any advanced process, then you may go to to find out more information about the troubleshooting procedures.  

Once you complete the procedures, QuickBooks shows you a message "QuickBooks detected no problems with your data file." In case of any technical glitches, you would better go for a technical solution.

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