Emailing Invoices From QuickBooks Improves Cash Flows

Emailing Invoices From QuickBooks Improves Cash Flows
QuickBooks Invoicing Accelerate Your Business Cash Flow

QuickBooks has many features and one of them is sending invoices, which can bring many more benefits in order to manage your business in the most efficient manner. To send invoices from QuickBooks does not involve complicated steps but is simple to use. All we need is to integrate some email client or online webmail client to QuickBooks to enable this feature of sending invoices through email. This amazing QuickBooks Outlook emailing feature will definitely use less time and will save cost to the company. Secondly, using this feature will bring more productivity, efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to manage business profitably. More invoices send will on the other hand will lover you accounts receivables, which is a good part in managing company's cash flows. Sending frequent bills to your customers will bring fast cash inflows in the company making your business more profitable. QuickBooks does a great deal of automation which means you can do quick follow ups against the invoices sent to the customers for the payments.

How invoices are emailed through QuickBooks? learn 3 simple steps:

1.  How to Change QuickBooks Preferences 

You can change QuickBooks preferences simply going to Quickbooks Edit/Preferences/Send Forms.  In this step you need to configure email account in QuickBooks for sending emails. you can setup Outlook email client or any web mail services like Yahoo, Gmail,  etc. Most of the QuickBooks customers recommend using Outlook for sending emails through QuickBooks. However, you can also choose between any email web services.  Below company preferences TAB of QuickBooks Send Forms preferences you can edit your standard email message which will go in-built every time you send email through QuickBooks.  

2.  How to Send Email invoices Through QuickBooks

Below lower left hand side in the invoice you get 2 printed boxes. One of them is 'To be printed' and another one is 'To be emailed'. You can either of the boxes to perform the operation simply by checking the prefered box. You can do this selection for all customers you want to send invoices making it more customizable. Next time when sending emails to the same customers your earlier selected option would come automatically. QuickBooks does a great bit of hard work to save all your selections made for a particular customer. This can be done by going to the customer list and double clicking on the customer you want to change and selecting the additional info tab and then changing the preferred send method.

3.  Sending QuickBooks Invoices or Statements 

Now once all the above steps are performed, you are now all set to send email invoices from Quickbooks. To send QuickBooks invoices simply mark the invoices which needs to be send. Thereafter QuickBooks does all the work of sending emails with invoices attached. To send go to QuickBooks go to File/Send Forms to start sending emails. This will bring up the list of invoices you have marked as to be emailed.  You can deselect any items you don't want to send at this time.  You can also edit the standard email message to make it a little more personal.  Simply highlight the email you want to edit and click on 'Edit Email' on the right hand side. Visit website for QuickBooks support services on invoices and email problems in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks increases business productivity by saving time and cost to the company. This a well known features used by million customers as best practices to improve business cash inflows. Is you business cash in flows slow? Are you sending invoices to your customers directly from QuickBooks?  If not, you slowing your business financials. For everything else on Quickbooks please visit website to get support on Quickbooks from certified technicians.

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