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Description Skin prick test is an important tool that our consultants use in clinics.  It is validated with positive and negative controls   Test is called skin prick test when it is performed with commercially produced allergen extracts (grasses, trees, animal, mould, food)  Usually not more than 10 at a time. The test is called prick to prick test when it is done with fresh or cooked food  (fruits, nuts, spices). Sometimes when food allergy is suspected both tests are done at the same time. Skin prick test is very safe and can be done in adults and kids. It is not painful as small metal pricker just scratches the upper layer of the skin. From the experience of our paediatric allergy specialist this test is actually loved by babies. Result is ready within 15 minutes. 

Sometimes this test is done in parallel with blood tests ImmunoCAP Specific IgE or Biochip Molecular allergy test ISAC 

If patient took antihistamines (48h prior to the test) or is on other medication that blocks histamine receptors, or has severe skin condition (eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc) or has high skin response (positive dermatographism) this test is not performed (blood test is done instead). 

    This is a You Tube video from  Class Room Medics                                  Skin prick test result (Positive for multiple allergens)      

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