Private Allergy Testing in the UK, London, Oxford, Gatwick for adults & children: Skin prick test, Specific IgE (RAST), ISAC, Patch test

Private Allergy Testing with Allergy Consultant's interpretation of results in any part of the UK 
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? 
It is reality and available for some conditions in London Allergy and Immunology Centre NEW check it out 
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We offer two groups of allergy tests:
All allergy tests are done during private consultations by registered doctors in London, Oxford, Gatwick. 

1) Tests that are done with a patient 

a) Skin prick test (food, other allergans),
b) Prick to prick test (food), 
c) patch test (drugs, metals, chemicals), 
d) intra-dermal test (drugs, other allergens
e) challenge tests (food, drugs)

2) Tests that are done with  blood sample

a) ImmunoCAP Specific IgE (RAST) selection of individual allergens
 more then 450 allergens (full list of allergens Immunocap)
b) Biochip ISAC Specific IgE Molecular allergy
104 allergenic proteins in one test (full list of allergend ISAC)

Appointment and the test can be booked via Electronic Appointment System or e-mail

Our allergy  immunology and dermatology consultants have a range of tools to diagnose allergy in adults and children in London, Oxford, Gatwick.

 Our doctors will explain various options of allergy testing and treatment for your specific condition and you will make an informed choice. The prices for allergy testing vary form £50 - £350 depending on complexity of the method and number of allergens tested.


Please include your age and brief description of the problem and your e-mail will be directed the selected consultant

We try to reply all e-mails and book appointments as soon as possible.

After your request the practice manager of a selected consultant will contact you with the details of your appointment.
We will reply to your e-mail request within one day and the waiting list to see our consultants is not more than 1 week

During the consultation allergy doctor will discuss the best tests for your condition 
(including the number of allergens required)

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