I don't want my Tri-City customers to be happy with my work.  I want them to be ecstatic.  This is what they have to say about our images.
Allen Johnson is the most thoughtful photographer I have ever worked with. I am a professional speaker and need high quality photos for publicity purposes. Allen took considerable time to get to know me before shooting. He seeks to understand his client. He takes more than a picture, but captures the essence of who you are. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking quality photos.




 Having the opportunity to work with Allen has been simply amazing. I can honestly say I have never worked with anyone as professional, as sincere, and as passionate about his work as is Allen. Being in the spotlight over the last few years as Miss Tri-Cities 2006, various other pageant related experiences, and now as Mrs. Bellingham on my way to become Mrs. Washington, having the best has always been important to me. Allen is the best, and I am honored to have been able to be photographed by him. I have never felt more beautiful! I look forward to working with him more, as well as telling everyone I know to go to no one else but him in the future! Thank you for making me stunning!


Charlotte Shores

Mrs. Bellingham 2009




Rarely does someone enter your life whose work is pure GENIUS.  Allen is one of these select people. He sees something unique and special in each individual and strives

to bring it out. He is so very professional and kind, and I feel so lucky to have been able to work with him; I know the friendship that developed between us will ast for a lifetime.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat.  In my book, he is the best photographer I have ever worked with--the truth and the complete truth.


I own a model and talent agency in Tacoma, Washington, so I am very judicious of the praise that I offer. Allen has proven himself abundantly worth the significant time and effort extended by a model. His creativity is endless, and his willingness to listen to his models is wonderful. If I had to rate him between a 1 to 10, he would not qualify. With his work, he deserves a 15. If you would like to contact me and get more of my thoughts about this wonderful man, please write me at shiningstarmodeling@yahoo.com.

AlisaBeth Nash





 Allen, I am amazed by your work.  You can be sure that I recommend you again and again as a business or family photographer.  I’ve used you for both, and your work is always creative, professional, and timely.  You consistently provide creative and thought-provoking solutions, custom made to the customer.  I can’t believe how easy you are to work with.  I can’t help but believe that your diverse background—musician, artist, author, motivational speaker—has had a major influence on your photography.  It is obvious that you bring all of these talents into the studio.  For my money, you are the definitive photographic artist with a strong and purposeful message.


My name is Brad Fisher and I approve this message.




 In my years of experience in the industry, it has been proven to me that it is a rarity and a gem to find someone both equally talented and respectable. My reputation is extremely important to me, as is my integrity--therefore I work only with those who share those components in their own lives, both personally and professionally.  Allen Johnson is by far one of the most pleasant people I have worked with.  His passion for art is deep and dynamic; I am eager to work with him again throughout my career. 






 I absolutely love the photos!  Thank you so much.  You are hands down the best photographer I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a truck load of them.  I knew by your earlier work that the images would be good, but they're not just good; they are incredible.  No, make that "magical."  I will not only recommend your work to every friend within shouting distance; I will celebrate your work!  Thank you Allen.  You are the best!








I am a professional model and working with Allen was one of the most amazing experiences on a photo shoot to date. 

 Besides just the amount of comfort I felt working with Allen, the quality of his pictures are incredible! He puts an unprecedented amount of thought and preparation into each shoot and is very open to ideas that the individual client may have in mind. I would recommend First Impression Photography to anyone looking for a professional photographer for their photos. I am very honored to have been able to work with him and add the combined efforts we created to my portfolio.

Sierra,  an honored client




 It has been said that "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." Allen Johnson exemplifies that statement - he clearly loves what he does. With a background in painting and artistic composition, it seems a natural progression to move to photography as a next step, and Allen has done so. Using only the finest equipment, he is skilled at what he does and is full of ideas. I worked with him on a series of portraits for a cymbal company I endorse with, and he did a fine job - the end result was very classy and professional.

The best!  Allen Johnson not only made my son's senior pictures one of a kind, but captured his personality like no other.  He took the time and it showed.  allen's talents show in his portraits and photos.  I would highly recommend Allen.  It was a great experience
Laura and Travis‎
First Impression Photography's service is exhilarating and the results are timeless. Allen Johnson's synergistic approach, creativity, and perseverance is second to none.  Allen's uncanny customer focus will interconnect the mind and heart of all he serves.  Your experience and time spent will bring you joy and endless value. Whether your needs are personal, professional, or public, First Impression Photography, or perhaps more correctly,  Everlasting Impression," is the only call to make.

Richard A. Harrington