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Allen Johnson is the master photographer at First Impression Photography located in Richland, Washington.  His background is unique to say the least.  He is a painter, a keynote speaker and consultant, a professional actor and jazz musician, and, if that were not enough, the author of four books.  You can learn more about his books by clicking here.    He is also a adjunct professor at Washington State University with a Ph.D. in Psychology.


Although his expertise in photography is self-evident, his real passion is people.  He takes his time in getting to know each and every client--relishing each individual's uniqueness.  He gets great pictures because he puts his subjects at ease.  Invariably each session ends with the exclamation, "Now that was fun!" 

Allen particularly enjoys challenging projects that allow his creative impulses to soar.  If you are looking for a photographic and video artist who is ready to go the extra mile to capture just the right mood, give Allen a call.  I mean, come on, really:  How many photographers do you know  who are ready to create this kind of photographic magic?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Allen Johnson

                                                             Or this:

                                                             Or this:                                                                      

Or maybe you prefer something more tradition, yet still beautiful.  Bring it on:  We can do traditional and beautiful with ease:


Allen would love to chat with you about your photographic or video project.  Naturally, the consultation is free.  Experience what clients across of the State of Washington have discovered:  award-winning photography and video with an artistic edge.

Oh, one other thing.  You may be thinking, I can't afford an artist of Allen's caliber.  It's true that you can get a snapshot for less money; try your Uncle Lewie with his off-the-shelf digital pocket camera.  Not to be disparaging of your Uncle Lewie--I'm sure his heart is in the right place--but if you want something that is dazzling, something memorable, you will have pay a little more.  After all, unlike Uncle Lewie,  this is how we make our living. 

But don't worry.  Our prices are not outrageous; in fact, we doubt that you will even raise an eyebrow.  Why?  Among the truly professional artists--those who are able to shoot on location or at their studio--our prices are extremely competitive.  But don't take our word for it.  Compare our prices with other local professionals and see for yourself.  (And please don't tell Uncle Lewie we spoke; he gets a little sensitive about this sort of thing.)

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