Education            Ph.D. in Polymer Science              University of Akron      2009
                             B.S. in Chemical Engineering       Lafayette College          2004

Experience          Associate Professor of Chemistry      Allegheny College          present 
                             Assistant Professor of Chemistry      Allegheny College          2011 - 2017
                             Visiting Assistant Professor               Allegheny College          2010 - 2011
                             Post-Doctoral Research Associate     University of Akron       2009


Professional Affiliations       Member - American Chemical Society (ACS)
                                                     Member - American Physical Society (APS)

Representative Publications

Van Horn, Ryan M.; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. Crystallization in Polymer Thin Films: Morphology and Growth. In Polymer Thin Films; Tsui, O. K. C., Russell, T. P., Eds.; World Scientific: New York, 2008

Van Horn, Ryan M.; Zheng, Joseph X.; Sun, Hao-Jan; Hsiao, Ming-Siao; Zhang, Wen-Bin; Dong, Xuehui; Xu, Junting; Thomas, Edwin L.; Lotz, Bernard; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. “Solution Crystallization Behavior of Crystalline-Crystalline Diblock Copolymers of Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(e-caprolactone)” Macromolecules 2010, 43, 6113

Hsiao, Ming-Siao; Zheng, Joseph X.; Van Horn, Ryan M.; Quirk, Roderic P.; Thomas, Edwin L.; Chen, Hsin-Lung; Lotz, Bernard; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. ”Poly(ethylene oxide) Crystal Orientation Change under One-Dimensional Nanoscale Confinement using Polystyrene-block-Poly(ethylene oxide) Copolymers: Confined Dimension and Reduced Tethering Density Effects” Macromolecules 2009, 42, 8343

Cao, Yan; Van Horn, Ryan M.; Tsai, Chi-Chun; Graham, Matthew J.; Jeong, Kwang-Un; Wang, Bojie; Auriemma, Finizia; De Rosa, Claudio; Lotz, Bernard; Cheng, Stephen Z. D. “Epitaxially Dominated Crystalline Morphologies of the gamma-Phase in Isotactic Polypropylene” Macromolecules 2009, 42, 4758

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