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Software Quality Journal

The organizers of the 2011 and 2012 editions of the International Workshop on Regression testing will co-edit a special issue of the Software Quality Journal (SQJ) with the theme of regression testing.  Since the special issue features an open call, all authors of accepted Regression 2012 papers are encouraged to submit a paper for possible publication in the special issue.  The submission of a paper to the Regression 2012 workshop is an ideal opportunity for authors to receive valuable feedback that will support their later completion of a longer paper more suitable for publication in the SQJ special issue. Authors may contact the Workshop Chair with their questions about this journal issue.

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  Editor-in-Chief: Rachel Harrison

  ISSN: 0963-9314 (print version)

  ISSN: 1573-1367 (electronic version)

  Journal No. 11219