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GIS Printing Policy

The following is the official printing policy for the Allegheny College geographic information systems (GIS) laboratory.  This policy will be instituted beginning July 1, 2007 and will be administered and enforced by the GIS Manager (GISM) and the Environmental Science (ES) department chairperson.  Please note that this policy differs between A) students, faculty, and staff within the ES Department and B) those not in the ES Department.  This policy is subject to change without notice.
A) Students, faculty, and staff within the ES department involved in the following types of GIS-related projects may use the GIS lab printers (b/w, color, plotter) at no charge:
  • a) academic coursework
  • b) senior thesis projects
  • c) internship projects
  • d) faculty/student research
  • e) special interest projects (by permission only)
Those wishing to use the printers must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • 1) the b/w printer should be used for drafts and text documents
  • 2) the color laser printer may be used for final prints only
  • 3) the wide-format plotter may only be used for final prints with permission from the GISM
The following uses of the printers are not permitted and will not be tolerated under any circumstance:
  • 1) printing entire drafts of senior projects
  • 2) printing documents and maps that will be used primarily by someone other than the author
  • 3) printing materials for non-ES courses or projects
  • 4) any other non-GIS, non-ES related, or personal printer use
Faculty members are expected to ensure responsible use of the printers by students in their courses or students assisting with independent research projects.  In addition, ES faculty members printing materials for grant-related research are expected to contribute funds to the GIS lab to cover the cost of consumables.
B) Students, faculty, and staff not in the ES Department, as well as project-partners from the local community wishing to use the GIS lab printers (b/w, color, plotter) must first obtain permission from the GISM or ES department chairperson.  When permission is granted, a nominal fee will be charged to cover the costs of printing supplies such as ink or toner, paper, and hardware maintenance.  [Exception: Printing for GIS-related academic coursework and class projects, regardless of whether the course is in ES or not, will not be charged a fee].  This fee will be disclosed in writing before printing begins and the user must sign a written agreement stating that payment will be made within 30 days of printing.  
Those granted permission must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • 1) printing will only take place under the direct supervision of the GISM or ES faculty member,
  • 2) when printing large maps and posters, standardized paper sizes or templates must be used
  • 3) drafts will be considered the same as final prints and will be charged accordingly
The GISM and ES Department chairperson reserve the right to deny access to GIS lab resources.  Click here for a list of fees for printing letter to poster-sized prints on various types of media (fees are subject to change).

For clarification on this policy, please contact the GIS Manager, Chris Shaffer at 332-2719 or Dr. Eric Pallant at 332-2870.