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GIS Lab Use Policy

The following is the official GIS lab use policy for the Allegheny College geographic information systems (GIS) laboratory.  This policy will be instituted beginning July 1, 2007 and will be administered and enforced by the GIS Manager (GISM) and the Environmental Science (ES) department chairperson.  Please note that this policy is the same for students, faculty, and staff in any department of the college.  This policy is subject to change without notice.
Students, faculty, and staff within any college department, both academic and administrative, and project-partners from the local community involved in the following types of GIS-related projects may utilize the GIS lab resources (hardware, software, spatial data, documentation, etc.):
  • a) academic coursework
  • b) senior thesis projects
  • c) internship projects
  • d) faculty/student research
  • e) special interest projects (by permission only)

However, students and faculty involved in any type of academic coursework or class project will be given higher precedence over all other types of research.  Those wishing to use the GIS lab resources must adhere to the following guidelines:
  •  1) at no time are users permitted to download and install programs, modify system, network, or printer settings, or enable file-sharing between lab, campus, and/or personal computers
  •  2) e-mailing, web browsing, instant messaging, game playing, and all other non-GIS related and personal use is prohibited
  • 3) users wishing to store GIS-related files on the GIS server must obtain permission from the GISM to create new directories (folders) and may only do so in the location specified by the GISM
  • 4) any files saved to the Desktop or My Documents folder may be deleted at anytime
  • 5) users must not share the username and password with anyone and should refer people who do not know how to login to the GISM
  • 6) users wishing to use specialized equipment such as the wide-format scanner and/or SMART board must first obtain permission from the GISM and be instructed in how to use the equipment properly
  • 7) users wishing to use the printers and/or GPS receivers should refer to the policies regarding these equipment
  • 8) all documentation including software manuals, textbooks, and/or periodicals must first be signed-out
  • 9) eating and drinking in the GIS lab is strictly prohibited
  • 10) users should be careful not to damage the GIS lab furniture

Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned guidelines could result in revocation of GIS lab privileges.  The GISM and ES department chairperson reserve the right to deny access to GIS lab resources.  Click here for a list of GIS lab resources available to users.


For clarification on this policy, please contact the GIS Manager, Chris Shaffer at 332-2719 or Dr. Eric Pallant at 332-2870.